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Approved Jobs exists to facilitate a more productive job search experience for everyday Australians.

What Sets Approved Jobs Apart?

The primary difference between Approved Jobs and the competition is that with us, employers are held to higher standards and more is expected from them than you’ll find with other job search websites.

It is common for employers to not reveal pertinent information on job search websites. Simple things such as the pay rate and the hours are often not included in the ad, which creates the potential for job seekers to waste time applying for jobs that are unsuitable for their circumstances and would not apply for if they had access to more forthcoming details about the positions advertised.

With Approved Jobs, employers must provide the following details in their ad or the listing will not be approved:

  • Include a salary range or specific award.
  • Include specific hours.
  • Specific company information and contact information.
  • Specific area of employment ie: The suburb.

For too long, employers (and businesses pretending to be “employers”) have been able to “stuff people around” (to use an Australian colloquialism). Approved Jobs hopes to make the job search process pain free, streamlined and efficient.

Who Can Add Listings to Approved Job?

Unlike other job search websites, where you don’t always know who’s posting an ad, Approved Jobs requires all employers to register and provide an ABN, contact information and a website address.

Approved Jobs does not accept listings by individuals looking for a helping hand, fake agencies, network marketing companies or cash work. We don’t allow listings for uncompensated “work from home opportunities”, commission-based jobs, internship or any other unpaid roles.

Quality Over Quantity

We’re not aiming to be the biggest job search provider in Australia. We’re aiming to be the most useful and trusted. We want to make sure that when you use our website, it’s ALWAYS a genuinely productive use of your time.

We are also proactive about keeping listings current and relevant.

  • Employers are encouraged to “house-keep” old listings..
  • No expression of interest listings.
  • Only listings for current job openings are accepted.

We Strongly Discourage Fake Listings

On other job search websites, agencies flood the listings with jobs that don’t exist, so that they have a database of people ready to go, for when employers require somebody. This practice is strictly against our Terms of Use

Similarly, on other job search websites companies offering courses will post fake job ads in order to find people who might be interested in what they have to offer. This practice is also strictly against our Terms of Use.